Defective Products within 48 hours of delivery Policy

We have a 48 hour grace period from your original delivery or pick up date to work directly with the manufacturer on your behalf. If you are outside of this timeframe, the manufacturer requires to work directly with the customer on the path to resolution.

We have two different defective products policies that depend on how you choose to receive your product. They are as follow:

  1. If the product is being installed by Slyman Bros and the installation team deems the new product defective during the testing process, you will have many options for remedy depending on the situation. You will be contacted right away by a Slyman Bros customer support team member.

  1. If the product is being installed by anyone other than Slyman Bros or reported to us after the original install date, an in-home service call is required to be completed to diagnose and assess the situation prior to the remedy. If the product is found not working properly due to faulty installation that was not performed by Slyman Bros or faulty existing facilities or user error, you will be responsible for paying any costs associated with the repair or diagnoses. 

Please note, an appliance cannot be deemed defective by anyone other than a trained and factory certified technician.

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