New Construction Pre-Delivery Checklist

We deliver, install, and test the appliance, so your appliance will be ready to use by the time we leave your house or jobsite. If our crews must return for any reason to finish this process, you will be charged additional fees and $99 trip charge per additional trip. If we cannot properly test the appliance and connections prior to leaving, it is your full responsibility to test and check for all leaks or defects. We will not cover any property damage if the appliance is not tested by our crews and require all defective appliances to be reported to us within 48 hours of the delivery.

For a better experience, please read over the below bullet points prior to scheduling your delivery or install with us:

  • Confirm with your builder, general contractor, cabinet company, or countertop company that each space is built to spec to each appliance you purchased by going over the appliance spec sheets. They are responsible for any space not ready and rectifying it prior to our arrival
  • Entry steps are ready, so the appliances can be safely moved into the house
  • Our crew has clear access to move appliances into the site
  • All driveways and walkways are paved
  • Floor protection is available and installed prior if required
  • Electrical supply is in the proper location according to each appliance specs with the correct electrical rating and with the cover plates installed
  • Plumbing is finished behind washers or under the sink for dishwashers and disposals, so appliances can be connected and tested
  • Sink and disposal need to be installed and working prior to the dishwasher install
  • Cabinets are built to the proper specs with correct openings and are secured, leveled and fully installed
  • For wall ovens or built-in microwaves openings, cabinets or walls have wooden platforms built and to spec of the appliance with electrical junction boxes in place
  • Countertops are fully installed and openings cut to spec for the cooktop, rangetop, or downdraft
  • Duct work is fully installed and in place. The vent opening where the appliance connects needs to be located in the proper location for connection with the correct duct diameter
  • Wall/ceiling has adequate blocking and support for wall/island hoods
  • Refrigerator water line is in the proper location with a shut off valve
  • All custom panels and handles are on site with your handles fully installed to the appliance cabinet panel to your liking by your cabinet maker or builder
  • For gas ranges and cooktops, all gas lines will need to have shut off valves fully installed and in the proper location with an electrical outlet
  • For dryers, the duct opening, power supply, gas shut off valves all must be within 2' of the dryer location and located directly behind the appliance
  • For hardwired appliances like electric cooktops, built-in ovens, some ranges, the junction boxes must be installed with covers provided in the correct location with clear assess
  • All utilities (power, water, gas, electric) are on and live, so we can test the appliance after install to check for any defects or leaks

Slyman Bros crews are not electricians, plumbers, or carpenters. Our crews connect appliances. We cannot modify existing facilities.

Thank you for having everything ready!

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