Pre-Delivery Checklist

Make sure to read over this checklist prior to scheduling or receiving your delivery. This helps the delivery process run smoothly and efficiently which means a happy driver and happy you! If you have any concerns after reading, please reach out to us right away. We are here to help and ensure the correct product has been purchased for your needs.

If you purchased a standard installation, please wait to schedule the delivery of the appliances until the kitchen or laundry room is fully complete with utilities turned on for testing. Appliances are typically the last item to be installed in this process. Please read this article to know when you are ready for install.

Pre-Delivery Checklist

Measure and Measure Again!

  • It’s very important that you measure the area your appliance will be placed and be sure that your product will fit within the given dimensions. Also, don't forget to check the entire pathway to ensure it will fit through each doorway and hallway. Slyman Bros is unable to modify existing openings.
  • Refrigerators come in many different sizes. A common mistake is purchasing the wrong depth. If you need a shallower depth fridge, be sure you purchased a counter depth model. Please be sure to measure the height, width, and depth and take into account walls or countertops preventing the doors from fully opening.

Check your Existing Connections

  • Make sure the appliance you purchased is capable of hooking up to your current power source, plumbing, and/or venting. As well as being located in the correct location and up to code in good working condition. Slyman Bros is unable to modify your existing connections
  • Dryers come in two different fuel types. A common mistake is purchasing the wrong fuel type. For electric dryers, it is required to hook up to a large 240v outlet (not a standard 110v wall outlet). For gas dryers, it is required to hook up to a standard 110v outlet and gas shut off valve
  • If you purchased a gas appliance, be sure to notify us if your house is on natural gas (typical in urban areas and standard) or liquid propane LP (typical in rural areas). If you are on LP, the gas appliance will need to be converted prior to delivery and additional charges will apply.

Prepare the Site

  • Make sure there is a clear path with all obstructions removed along the way where the appliance will be located. Appliances are heavy and bulky!
  • If it recently snowed, please make sure your driveway and walkways are cleared
  • For new construction, please make sure all driveways and walkways are poured and paved. We cannot safely dolly a heavy appliance through gravel and mud.

Be Available to Accept the Delivery

  • Be sure you are home to accept and sign the delivery to ensure the delivery is completed to your satisfaction or assign someone to accept the delivery on your behalf. If our team has to come back you may be required to pay a $99 trip charge.
  • Our delivery team will have many other stops, if no one is home upon arrival the delivery will be rescheduled to the next available date
  • Any cosmetic defects or defective appliances must be reported within 48 hours to Slyman Bros customer support team

Slyman Bros crews connect appliances. We cannot modify existing facilities.

*Please note, we deliver, install, and test the appliance, so your appliance will be ready to use by the time we leave your house or jobsite. If our crews must return for any reason to finish this process, you will be charged additional fees. If we cannot properly test the appliance and connections prior to leaving, it is your full responsibility to test and check for all leaks or defects. We will not cover any property damage or appliance defects if the appliance is not tested by our crews.

Thank you for having everything ready!

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